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At Schum & Werner, real estate lawyers in Spencerport, NY, we tailor our services to fit your individual needs – whether you are buying or selling your residential or commercial property. Our goal is to protect your investment by ensuring that all transactions are legally binding and in your best interest. We make the complex process that is required to buying and selling your property seamless, and one that is easy to navigate. Services include:

Buying and Selling Real Estate

Complete Title Searches 

Evaluate Contracts and Agreements​​

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During the purchase of a property, a real estate attorney can make sure that all paperwork and contracts are drawn properly, adhere to rules set forth by the state and local municipalities.


Title review is an essential part of the purchasing property.  Reviewing the title to the property determines if the seller has any liens or judgments and insures that the seller has the legal right to sell the property. It’s best completed by an experienced real estate attorney who can negotiate a price reduction should a title search reveals a problem.


Failing to file the appropriate documents properly at the county and state levels can result in dire consequences. A real estate attorney will navigate through state regulations quickly and efficiently.


Your real estate attorney will attend the closing with you. Should a real estate dispute arise, your attorney is there to help protect your interests.


If you are selling a home in New York state, you will need to hire not only a real estate agent to market and negotiate offers on the property, but also an attorney to represent you and protect your interests. When hiring a real estate attorney to assist you in selling your property, you may want to consider what the experienced real estate lawyers at Schum & Werner can do for you.

  • Oversee the sale of your property from the day you sign the contract and to the final closing date

  • Prepare the contract of sale

  • Act as a support for your real estate agent by identifying any loopholes written in the purchase agreement

  • Review the title report ordered by the buyers’ attorney to determine if there are any liens or property violations and resolve any issues

  • Protect you from possible lawsuits years after you’ve closed the sale

  • Oversee all financial transactions

  • Save you money by including contingencies when appropriate

  • Represent you at the closing


Schum & Werner’s real estate attorneys in Spencerport, NY, are familiar with and stay up-to-date with local, state and federal laws, which makes them better able to protect your investment. Call us to make an appointment at (585) 352-0700.

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